HollywoodAccesory - HollywoodAccessory- Arrested and Prosecuted

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Hollywood Accessory owners were arrested and prosecuted for selling the counterfeit items you are legally buying. It is illegal to sell counterfeits but not to buy them, make sense of that?

They have no control of the website and can have no contact with their old customers. All sales are being seized by the state and federal prosecuters and being distributed to Channel. Hollywood Accessory is not in control of their old website.

Channel was the Company that hunted them and had them arrested as well as seizing everything they own, personal and company related.

They are very sorry to their loyal ex-customers, but your $100 loss is their multimillion dollar loss now as well as prison time they are facing. Not a Joke, this is for real!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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HollywoodAccesory - Charged our account but never shipped merchandise.

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We placed an order for a gift on 8/19/08. Credit card charged 8/21/08.

Never received shipping confirmation. Called company and mailbox is full. Website for Hollywood accessory and alias Cosmo friend is blank. No one responds to email or phone message.

Think it is safe to assume we were scammed. We have used this company before with no problems. I have called my bank and disputed charges. There are now tracking down Hollywood Accessorys bank.

My brother in law ordered the same day and never received his order. Both were gifts for my sister.

My next plan is to contact their local better business bureau to alert them.

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HollywoodAccesory - Hollywoodaccessory.net is a SCAM!!!

Milford,New Jersey

I placed an order with Hollywoodaccessory.net back on 8/17/2008. It was for a "coach" purse. The next day, they sent me an order confirmation email with the order number and everything. I did not think anything of it because I have ordered from them before and recieved my orders.

I've been waiting for a shipping confirmation email, and never recieved one. I started getting very upset so I decided to email them... over and over again and no response what-so-ever!

I've tried calling them, over and over, but get a voice mail and can't even leave a message. The mail box is full!!!! And to top it off, the website is NO LONGER THERE!!!

And of course with all of this going on, i check my bank statement and sure enough they billed me for that item.

Now that I found this out within the past 2 days, I have to call the bank just to get an "oh, we're sorry, but we cant help you" response. I'm sure of it.

I googled hollywoodaccessory.net and i see that there have been quite a few complaints about the same thing happening to others. I've written on a few complaint sites, but somehow, they cant be found. Gee, how coinsidental.

But, If anyone finds out anything, please let me know!!!!

I cannot Believe this! How can someone do that to their loyal customers? I don't understand. Im EXTREMELY pissed off!!!!!

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Sorry to hear you got ripped off. I was just curious as to what can be done when this happens.

Isn't there anything that can be done? Do these rip-off scammers just put up a fake website with products or what? I hate to admit that on Jan 4, 2012 I placed an order on a Coach outlet site. It really looked totally real, all the secure icons, the presentation of the bags, descriptions and id#'s.

I used my credit/debit card as well...I know, I know, what an ***. Well, sure enough they took out the money the next day, and I have revisited the site and cannot find a way to contact ANYONE. I have sent 4 emails to an email address that is not even associated with the Coach name...? What the *** is that about.

? I guess I will kiss my 171.00 goodbye! If something does actually get delivered to me, Im sure it will be an authentic, high quality, Coach handbag!!!! Yeah, right!

Lesson learned! :(




Thanks for all the input I was just about to order something from them.



you guys are dumb check up on stuff they got arrested.....duhhh


The same happened to me around the same time in august. I have been buying things off them just fine for many months beforehand and have received them very fast.

I have never had a problem with them before but lo and behold they billed me for my items and 2 months later I have received nothing. I am disappointed as I have received lots of great products from them in the past.

No response to email or voicemail either... sad.


I had the same exact problem. You need to have it disputed.

I had to write a letter to my bank telling them that I wanted to dispute the transaction and why.

I was very surprised that it happened because I have ordered from them several other times. Good luck!!

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Awhile back ago I ordered from hollywoodaccesories.com and they were great then they disappeared I found hollywoodaccessory.net , they seemed to be the same owners by the look of the website and merchandise.

Well needless to say I placed an order 2 weeks ago Aug 22,2008 have sent 8 attempt emails to find out where my order is and several calls w/no success, that goes to freaking voicemail everytime to say the mailbox is full

Now the website is shut down and has been for a week. I contacted my bank to file a dispute for my money. JERKS.

On my bank statement they are listed as cosmofriendsinc.com well that website was working but now shutdown,my bank gave me a number they had for the transaction on their end but it does not even ring, your phone will dial then number then disconnect.

If they ever resurface I doubt I would trust to order from then again, their merchandise was great, but to leave all your customers hanging is wrong.

I believe they are new owners and ripped alot of people off. They were operating however just like the old site, sending coupon codes to use, etc..

I do not know what happended but Im pissed for the non-communication, ripping me off with my money, and for not sending those glasses I wanted!!

Well I see that I am not the only one who is going through this headache....Good Luck to all and if someone does find out any other info about them please let me know by replying on this.

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websites like these are bad Ive never tried them and dont have any intentions to do so, if you ever you want to buy a replica within your budget L.A. would be the place to go for that or take your chances at a flea market honestly. lol!


You're not alone! Late in August I placed an order with Hollywood Accessory.

I had place many orders with them in the past. I sent them numerous emails with no response. I tried calling a disconnected phone number as well. I cannot get in touch with them at all anymore.

I read that I should call the police and better business bureau.

Will this actually help? All I want is my money or two pairs of sunglasses!

Oatlands, New South Wales, Australia #33839

They show up on credit card stmt as cosmo friend. Like you, we found the site was down.

Some of their merchandise was listed by a person named Shana on kaboodle.com. If you clicked on her name it took you to her facebook, which is also de activated now

I await word back from my bank.

Mystic Island, New Jersey, United States #32463

I have this SAME exact thing going on with me, except my order was a "coach" purse. Im SOOO pissed off!!

If you find out anything... PLEASE let me know!

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HollywoodAccesory - They took money and never sent goods


I ordered from Hollywoodaccessory.com on August 20th. I never received an e-mail telling me tehat they were going to ship my order so I proceeded to e-mail them several times, requesting information, as well as calling the one and only telephone number.

I never received an answer to my e-mails nor did I hear back from anyone at Hollywoodaccessory.com. I am so disheartened and feel like I should have known better, but I had heard of successful orders from other people.

I always thought shopping on the internet was safer, now I know better and will stick to shopping at the mall!!!!

Monetary Loss: $125.

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HollywoodAccesory - HollywoodAccessory

Not resolved

I have made a purchase from HollywoodAccesory. They have taken my money and 1 month later have not shipped my order.

I have ordered from there before and it was fine. They only have 1 number to contact which is a voicemail stating their hours in which they are never open. The voicemail is followed by a full mailbox. I have written them 3 emails to them and have not recieved one back.

I had to file a dispute to get my money back. So obviously they went under or it turned into a scam.

So Please do not order from there. HOLLYACCESSORY.COM

Monetary Loss: $200.

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